Theo The Hiztorian

Theo the Hiztorian is a professional historian and documentarian specializing in Southern and African American history from the founding of America to the civil rights era. Theo pulls from over 10+ years’ experience working in the museum, film, and preservation industry to offer an array of historical consulting services that help you document history with accuracy.



Theo the Hiztorian produces inspiring short films in partnership with Hiztorical Vision Productions, but also write and produce projects for film production companies and television networks. With Moore’s background in history, he is full of ideas and inspiring stories that can be transformed into impactful films.

Archival Producer

Need help shaping a story’s narrative, sourcing the appropriate footage, or getting permission to use it? As an archive producer I can help you find material such as rare documents and footage in public and private collections. I have a boots-on-the-ground archival producing style that ensures filmmakers get the historical content needed to help complete your film.

Join the Preservation Community

Are you making efforts to preserve your property or a neighboring property in your community and need more information on how the process works? Are you looking to document and list your property to historic property listings (Local, State, and National)? Last But Not Least! Are you in search of funding to support your preservation efforts.Look No Further! Theo the Hiztorian will teach you what he knows on how to PRESERVE your property, SAVE our history, and SECURE FUNDING to support preservation efforts.

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Who this is for:

You are a producer, filmmaker, writer, editor, or person interested in depicting Southern and African American history with accuracy.

You need help finding information to complete your film like historic footage and getting permission to use it.

You are ready for a historian to oversee a project to make sure all the facts are right, and props are appropriate.

You are working on a project, but don’t have the time to do the research needed to piece together the facts of the historical event.

You have a church or family property that holds historic significance, and you want to take the right steps to get it preserved in history.

How it Works


Step 1:

Click “Get started” to contact us about your idea or project you’re working on.

Step 2:

We’ll have a conversation about what you’re looking for, what I can do for you, and discuss how we can make it happen.

Step 3:

I’ll send you a few options to choose from to meet a variety of budgets and options. Once you hire me, I’ll get started and send you updates until the project is complete.

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